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Dr. Steven Nitschelm

Steven Nitschelm, D.V.M. is very knowledgeable with attention to detail. Dr. Nitschelm’s passion is small animals and is great with companion animals of all varieties.  He went to veterinary school at Washington State University and Oregon State University.  He has been a member of the community of Madras and at Cascade East Veterinary Clinic since 1988, and he loves living and working in Central Oregon.  He is happily married to his wife Betty of 24 years. 

Dr. Nitschelm is an outdoor enthusiast. Some of his favorite activities are camping, hunting, fishing, Eagle Scout events, and flying his airplane.  He likes to challenge his mind by playing various number and word puzzles.  Another joy is spending time with family, traveling and mentoring students of all ages, including high school, technician trade school and veterinary students. Dr. Nitschelm enjoys sharing his interest and passion for veterinary medicine with others.


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